Our beef is sourced from reputable farms in and around Norfolk and Suffolk. The farms that we source from have been farming for generations and we ensure they uphold the highest quality meat and standards of animal welfare possible. Our main beef supplier is the respected beef producer William Almey and sons of Tavistock Farm, Antingham near North Walsham.The Almey family have been farming cattle for generations and have reputation for supplying some of the best Beef in the region. They are well known for their wide range of continental breeds such as Simmental and Limosin crossed with native breeds such as Hereford, Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus. Specifically chosen due to their marbled texture, these cattle produce a deliciously tender meat.

Here at Cawdrons Butchers we hang our Beef for a minimum of 21 days to ensure the best tenderness and taste possible. We have a great range of cuts ranging from premium Topside, Sirloin and Ribs through to the less expensive shin, Ox Cheek and offal.