A little about Cawdron Butchers…

A local, family-run butchers shop, Cawdron Butchers was established in 1971 by R.A Cawdron. Originally a small butchers shop based in the centre of Stalham, the business grew quickly as it developed an excellent reputation for delivering high quality fresh meat

Times changed when James Cawdron took over the business from his father. Identifying the need to diversify, the butchers shop started to offer more than just fresh meat

It was in the 1990s that the hot takeaway was established within the shop, allowing local shoppers to treat themselves to delicious hot baguettes, pies and snacks whilst out and about

Following on from the success of our takeaway, R.A Cawdron Butchers started to offer event catering services for a wide range of functions. The catering side of the business is now able to offer hog roasts, buffets and BBQs across Norfolk

Established for more than 40 years, R.A Cawdron Butchers has built up a fantastic reputation with customers across Stalham, Norwich and beyond. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who have supported us through this journey and we look forward to continuing to delight you in the future

Our History

Cawdrons Butchers was started in 1971 by R.A Cawdron, it grew from a small butchers shop in the center of Stalham to the new premises it holds today
In later years it grew in the size of its Fresh Meat trade and was a flourishing established Butchers in Stalham in the days of a busy high street and attracting a lot of the community for somewhere to meet and shop locally

Times changed and when James Cawdron took over the business from his father the need for diversifying the business was important for the family business to succeed
In the 1990’s the Hot Take Away was established and gave local shoppers an outlet to buy fresh home cooked meat baguettes and pastries alongside Pork Pies and a Delicatessan.

Through the years a Catering business was set up and offered people in Norfolk to have their Functions, Parties and Events provided with Staff, Meat Roasts and Hog Roasts to make a different kind of Food option in the area.
The Catering side now provides Hog Roasts, Buffets and BBQs for many local clients and customers within a wide range of weddings, Fetes, Rallies, Parties, Christenings and more..

This year 2012 has begun a Meat Pie processing plant to cater for retail outlets in the area with the old traditions of making, preparing and offering a quality product with value too..

Cawdrons has been going for over 40 years now and wants to continue for another 40, we would like to thank all our customers who have supported us and approved of our approach and hard work and offer this service well in to the future..

Meat Sourced locally

The meats at Cawdrons are all sourced locally within the Norfolk, Suffolk border. Our Meat products are delivered twice weekly and instantly chilled to ensure maximum freshness.. Once they are prepared and processed they remain chilled with plenty of room for cold air to circulate

We do not use any packaging to display our Meats they are all in counter and fresh

Some of our meats are vacuum packed to enable an air tight seal to keep the meat as fresh and safe as posssible with in the life of the meat

If you have any questions about our meat products do not hesitate to ask

Thank you