Cawdrons are proud to supply all our chicken from Diaper’s Poultry. Diapers have been producing and processing high-welfare chickens for the past 100 years and supply some of the tastiest poultry locally. Their success has come through decades of hard work in all aspects of chicken welfare ranging from the rearing and feeding process, right through to timing and evisceration challenges. Diapers are one of only few poultry companies in Norfolk and Suffolk that consistently ensure high standards of meat. Diaper’s also supply us with Organic and Free-Range chickens from Sutton Hoo as well as Gressingham ducks, duck breasts and duck legs.
Our free-range Turkeys are supplied by Great Grove Poultry in Attlelbourgh, and our Game is locally sourced and purchased from Norfolk Game Agency in Postwick. Norfolk Game Agency purchase all their game of local shoots that take place within a 20-mile radius of Cawdrons. Our Venison is supplied to us by our local game keeper and is sourced within a 10-mile radius.